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herbal cure for fibroids

Is There an Herbal Cure for Fibroids?

The Best Herbal Cure For Fibroids

Being diagnosed with fibroids can cause a lot of anxiety and depression in women. Especially if the fibroid patient is physically weak. Or has some other condition that greatly reduces her ability to tolerate OTC medication (bleeding and pain management), and surgery.

If your doctor has told you to just monitor your fibroids for the time being. You can use this period of observation more productively. By boosting your immune system, and your body’s natural ability to fight off fibroids.

Below are some herbs that may be helpful in naturally shrinking fibroids. And in fighting off the associated symptoms of this condition. Alternative medicine does have something to offer. When it comes to uterine tumors.  Today you will learn which herbs and other plants that can actually help fight off your myoma. Let us begin:

Natural Cure For Fibroids

1. Cayenne pepper – In addition to being a great ingredient in spicy dishes. Cayenne pepper has also been noted for its

herbal cure for fibroids

Red Hot Cayenne Peppers

natural ability to boost the immune system. As well as improve the body’s circulatory mechanisms. Improved blood circulation leads to better health and a stronger body. Generally

speaking. Cayenne also has natural compounds that reduce bleeding inside and outside the body.

2. Senega – Herbal preparations with senega have been known to accomplish several things at once. First, senega acts as a protective agent. That prevents simple respiratory conditions from worsening. If you want a natural cold remedy. Senega is one of your best choices.


Polygala senega

Senega contributes to the battle against fibroids by accomplishing two things. Natural blood detoxification, and cutting down inflammation in specific tissues of the body. Remember that detoxification is the first step in fighting off any disease naturally. Use senega if you want to detox for better health. Not just to fight off your myoma.

3. Horsetail – Horsetail is another humble plant that deserves a spot in our “best of the best” list of herbs. And plants for fighting off fibroids. Horsetail does three things to help fibroid patients. First, it addresses excessive cramping. Also, helps reduce the frequency and intensity of the cramps so you won’t be doubled up. In extreme pain during your monthly period.

herbal cure for fibroids

Wild Horsetail plant

Second, horsetail is a natural detoxifying agent. Like the senega root. Horsetail detoxifies the body by increasing urine production (yes, it is a natural diuretic!).

Third, horsetail also helps cut the risk of having fibroids in the first place by reducing the overall volume of menstrual blood. If you dislike the idea of taking birth control pills. To lessen your monthly menstrual blood flow. Try horsetail and see how your body responds to the herbal preparation.

4. Self-heal – Yes, there is a plant called self-heal! This incredible plant offers several benefits to myoma sufferers. First, self-heal has compounds that help reduce abnormal tissue growth in the body (e.g. tumors).

herbal cure for fibroids

Comon Self heal plant

Second, this plant also contributes to the internal effort to reduce excessive bleeding and menstrual blood flow during your monthly period. Remember: excessive menstrual blood may signal that your myomas are bleeding as well.

Third, self-heal also joins other herbs in the detoxification process. This particular herb takes care of your liver. (a major site that needs regular detoxification) and your gallbladder (also necessary if you want normal digestion of fats and other lipid compounds from food).

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